kclooK.C. LOO

Kong Chew "KC" Loo's fruit shop is a Mt Eden landmark and consistently rates in the "Best of Auckland" surveys.

KC opened shop in 1949 and wife Eileen joined him in 1953 and they have not missed a day since.

KC arrived in New Zealand from China as a youngster in 1939, just after the outbreak of WWII.

He was one of the last immigrants from China to pay the notorious "poll" imposed to stem the flow of migrants.

The current site of KC Loo's fruit shop is in the prime retailing location in the Village. Its unique design marries well with the older style of the Village and adds to the Bohemian flavour of Mt Eden. KC and his family still operate their business and KC's daughter Frances Loo is the proud owner of Chapter Book and Tea shop.


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